Northwest Display and Pyromania Fireworks is a family owned and operated business that began selling retail fireworks in 1970.

The main tent is located at the top of Evaro Hill on Highway 93 North, just 10 miles North of Missoula, Montana on the Flathead

Indian Reservation.In 1986 the direct procurement and importation of handpicked fireworks from China began the legacy of

Northwest Display’s wholesale distribution throughout the Pacific Northwest. 1994 marked the expansion of Pyromania stores

throughout the state of Montana. Today, Northwest Display and Pyromania Fireworks are Montana’s largest outlet for the best

quality and prices fireworks in the state. Customers travel from all over the Northwestern United States to shop with Pyromania and

Northwest Display for well known and unbeatable selections of undeniable value and incredible quality Class B & C fireworks.